Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My New Crush

Move over, Taylor Swift, someone else has captured my heart. Her name is Rima Fakih, aka Miss USA 2010. She's been written about a lot in the past few days, but before I add my two cents we should probably have a picture:

As you might have guessed, Rima is Muslim--she originally came to America from Lebanon. Since Muslims aren't known for winning beauty contests (not that Muslim women aren't beautiful, but the whole "don't tempt men by showing your hair" part of the Qur'an tends to narrow the ranks of potential Arab beauty queens), Foreign Policy went to interview people from her hometown to see how they felt about a Muslim woman posing on national TV in a bikini (and winning). The quotes from these people were hilarious--one guy pretty much summed up the whole issue by saying,

"She made us all proud. Some people can represent us with their veils; others represent us in their swimming suits. What's wrong with that? God created beauty and God loves beauty."

As if that weren't enough, Miss USA has been accused of being both a Hezbollah operative (in unsubstantiated blog reports) and a stripper (she apparently did some pole dancing as a joke in the DJ booth of a radio show), which is probably the most absurd combination of accusations anyone has ever faced. My favorite insinuation, though, actually comes from Wikipedia:

"She was also an actress in an independent short film with sexual undertones titled Throbbing Justice."

Anyway, to summarize, Rima Fakih is a very interesting woman who clearly has some awesome stories to tell. Rima, if you're out there among the masses reading BBD, shoot me an email and I'll definitely consider letting you take me out to dinner sometime.

لازم تتكلمي معي يا ريما، سنذهب الى مطعم جميل وبعد الى حفلة كبيرة. انا مش نسشانجي بشاكل لكن عشانك، ممكن ساغير

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