Thursday, June 10, 2010

In London

Update: Sam and I got into London just fine, and Zack should be here soon. Weather's a little drab, but the hostel is great and the city has a great atmosphere about it. Spent most of the afternoon walking around with Sam while we waited to check in. I saw that one of the daily papers had an op-ed from Joe Cole entitled, "Why England Will Win the World Cup," which seemed a little cocky--kind of like Paul Pierce saying the Celtics would sweep the three games in Boston. Overheard tons of conversations about the World Cup on the plane rides, but the speakers were sitting too far away from me to carry on a conversation. Feeling a little jetlagged but will probably rally to get on a normal sleep schedule and then do some sightseeing tomorrow afternoon before the South Africa match. Updates to follow, sorry for the brief/staccato style but internet is expensive here and I don't want to waste time turning all of these observations into prose like I normally do. Maybe later...

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