Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jordan in Numbers

Meant to post this a while ago, but I've been pretty busy:

I’ve been incognito for a few weeks writing my research paper. 10 interviews, 47 pages, 77 footnotes, and way too many hours later, I’m proud to say that I’m done with that thing (if you’re feeling bored and want to read a small book about why Obama’s diplomacy is ineffective in Jordan, email me). But the whole project got me thinking about numbers—specifically, about how to quantify my experience in Jordan. This kind of sounds like a MasterCard commercial (with the last line being "Studying Abroad: Priceless), but stick with me:

While abroad, I have...

Put 85 contacts in my phone

Accumulated 4 keys to various places

Lost 10 pounds by smoking argeelah instead of drinking beer

Spent just 35 days in class

Taken 1017 photos (thus far)

Bought 160 hours of Jordanian TV on DVD

Written 1 song about 9 women

Recorded over 100 takes of my verses in order to make that song

Obtained 3 separate Eurotrash shabab outfits

Lost at least 10 JD playing backgammon (although 90% of the time I’m playing against Luke, who also taught me the game)

Ridden 2 camels

Ruined 2 white Ts at the gym/doing outdoor activities

Done 0 loads of laundry


6 new beers: (in order from awesome to god-awful) Petra, Sakara, Sakara King, Amstel, Stella, Petra 10%

7 new whiskeys: Johnny Walker Green Label, Famous Grouse, Diplomat, President’s Club, Black Grouse, Famous Grouse 15, and Auld Stag

14 flavors of argeelah: cherry, mint, rose, watermelon mint, lemon mint, apple, three local blends, strawberry, blueberry, zaghloul, tumbak (the heaviest thing I’ve ever smoked; Hannah’s host dad introduced it to me at the SIT dinner last week by saying, “This is real tobacco. Zaghloul is for amateurs, tumbak is for professional smokers.”) and this new flavor I got last week called "Jamaica" that tastes exactly like Vick’s cough syrup.

Overall, it's been a great time. This is my last post from Jordan but I'm sure I'll be throwing up random tidbits and photos once I get home and have good internet (plus, I leave for Europe in 3 weeks so posting from overseas is by no means over). I'd like to give a quick shoutout to all of my readers, you're the best and hopefully you'll stick around for some great stories in Europe/the heartland of America during my roadtrip.

Much love,


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