Saturday, April 17, 2010

The video that will ruin my future political career...

I've been meaning to link to this for a while, but this is the video that Luke and I made for our final Arabic project. It's called Tis3a Nisa2, which means "nine women," and like I said earlier it's basically an Arabic version of the Gym Class Heroes song "Makeout Club". There are subtitles in English and Arabic, but it's kind of hard to read so here's a rough translation:

...this music is approved by King Abdullah.
My name is Fire, his name is Dirty Louie
Let's go, guys...

I have nine girls who love to love me,
I have nine girls who want to marry me,
Nine girls who love to love me
Nine girls who want marriage

From all the girls, I have these nine and just like a hookah
I'm gonna smoke them all up in all of their beauty during this song
I'll inhale and exhale into the atmosphere
Nine times, let's go quickly, the room's getting smoky
All these girls, they want my heart but they don't know how
To get it, because I'm sharp like a sword
....I have three Bedouin girls and three city girls
and three girls who are students in college
Yeah, I love my girls, all of them are tall
I see them in Cairo, they are Egyptian
and I only like very beautiful girls
and the best ones in the world, they're all Arabs


My first love, I met her at the market
I said, "What's up girl, your face is like sugar"
But I'm going crazy from her touch
So I'm saying, "Goodbye baby I won't see you tomorrow"

The second girl makes my world and like a waterfall
She starts up high but then she falls down
She is hot and just like the sea
Her waves crash into me and push me away

I swear, I still dream about the third girl
My name's not Abdullah but with her I'm the king
And after I sweet-talk her, she's my Rania
For sure, the most famous of all of my loves


With the fourth girl, I had a war, every day we were fighting
We broke up and our hearts were a little bit petrified
Me and the fifth girl, we were a great thing
Every time she leaves me I have to beg her to come back
And for the sixth one, I wrote her poetry
"More beautiful than dawn," that's what I wrote to her
But she wanted to marry me and the same thing with the seventh girl
All of my women are the same and I want something different


The eighth girl has a lot to offer me
She makes me laugh and she makes me smile
But she's not my rhythm and she's not my time
Sorry, number eight, you're just not in the cards

All my girls are in the past but the ninth one is different
Because I feel something new when we join as a team
I want to get lost in each other and love forever
I'm Romeo, you're Juliet, and our love began in Amman


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