Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taxicab Confessions Pt. 1

This is the first installment in an ongoing series, “Taxicab Confessions: Amman,” wherein I relate funny conversations I’ve had with taxi drivers. Unless I’m talking with friends, I usually make an effort to speak with the taxi driver, though sometimes it’s difficult and usually it’s a mix of Arabic and English. Anyway, I had the following conversation with a Palestinian taxi driver last week:

Driver: Where are you from?
Me: I’m from America.
Driver: Do you like to play videogames?
[I have no idea why he said this, but I find it pretty funny that videogames are the first thing he thought of when I mentioned America]
Me: What?
Driver: Do you play Xbox? Call of Duty?
Me: Oh, yeah. I play Xbox a lot at school.
Driver: What games do you play?
Me: Halo, FIFA...
Driver: I play Mass Effect 2...

At this point, the driver listed some other games which I now forget, mainly because I was hanging on in shock and awe as he pulled into the left-hand turn only lane and sped past a giant line of cars that were stopped at a red light. We were approaching the red light doing 60 km/hr when the light suddenly turned green. Without slowing down, the driver zoomed right through the intersection, around all of the traffic, and swerved back into the straight lane.

Me: Do you play Need for Speed?
Driver: Yes, I love Need for Speed Underground.
Me: Good, it helps with your job.

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