Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Very Jordanian Christmas

T minus 1 month to departure.

I think the reality of study abroad hit me on Christmas.

A lot of my presents prepared me for Jordan somehow--conservative clothes (not that my wardrobe was overly risque to begin with; I wasn't planning on wearing Hooters T-shirts over there), books I'm supposed to read before leaving, a voice recorder for interviews, and a pocket dictionary. This is a good thing--I got the gift of anticipation, which is a pretty cool feeling.

But I really had to confront the fact that I'm leaving in a month when I talked on the phone with all of my relatives (a longstanding Hubbard family tradition on Christmas). Not only did I have to explain what I was doing to most of my extended family, but I also got some interesting nuggets of advice during those conversations.

From my grandma: "Be careful over there. They shoot people for no reason, you know."

From my uncle, who gave me a Macy's gift card: "Based on what I've heard, they [Macy's] have a great selection of turbans, so that should help you out a bit."

To his credit, my uncle was kidding (the jury's still out on my grandma). And after all of this, I got a text from Isaac: "Mr. Hubbard, enjoy your last Christ-centered celebration for the upcoming semester. Merry Christmas!"

Indeed. I'll take the time right now to wish everyone a (belated) Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year. In the foreseeable future, I'll be enjoying the holidays and doing some things I most likely won't be doing in Jordan (aka watching American football, devouring a stack of new books, re-watching all of Mad Men, and catching up with my homeboys). Hope everybody's break is going well.

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